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Organic White Sesame Oil

Organic White Sesame Oil

Quick Overview

Product Features

• 100% herbal and organic
• Cold Pressed
• 100% Chemical Free
• It strengthens muscle tissues, skin and hair
• It prevents constipation
• It boosts oral health, cellular growth and metabolic function
• It helps to prevent diabetes, cancer and heart disease
• It protects DNA from harmful effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Sesame Seed Organic Cold Pressed Oil is a super manner to hold more healthy skin due to its Organic antibacterial, moisturizing and emollient properties. it may be used as Organic sunscreen lotion and may be added with important oil for use as Organic aromatherapy massage oil. Moisturizing and antibacterial residences of AromaMusk Sesame Seed Oil makes it a great oil for hair care and allows keep dryness, dandruff, bring shine to hair and promotes hair growth. it is 100% Pure And natural. Organic Oil contains zero grams of trans fatty acids and is naturally cholesterol-free. 

1) zero cholesterol
2) zero Trans fat
3) No Preservative / No Adulteration
4) 100% Chemical Free