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Organic Neem Oil

Organic Neem Oil

Quick Overview

Product Features

• 100% herbal and organic
• Cold Pressed
• 100% Chemical Free
• Neem oil reduces acne.
• Neem can be used for treating dandruff
• Protects against diabetes
• Eliminates dandruff and strengthen hair
• Lowers risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases
• Protects teeth and gums
• Provides relief from constipation, bloating

Neem Organic Cold Pressed Oil Is 100% natural And herbal. Neem Oil Is Extracted From Neem Seed Kernel using The conventional cold Press method without making use of Any warmness. Therefore there are well-balanced Nutrients within this.

Neem Trees Are Native To India And in Other Parts Of Asia And Are Known As Margosa Tree In English And Their Botanical Term Is Azadirachta Indica. Organic Neem Oil Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years For Its wide variety Of Application. Neem Has Become A Hot New Trend In-Cosmetics. It is used to replace Diy Skincare And Hair Care Products and Neem Oil Are Loaded With Emollients Like diet, Antioxidants, use for repair To Hair, skin & Nails. Organic Neem Cold Pressed Oil Is widely utilized in Hair Care products, lotions, Dental products. you could additionally Use It To Repel Lice, Fleas, Flies, And Ticks. Neem Oil can be used in Making Neem dog Shampoo And Neem Oil Spray For The treatment Of Fleas Or Ticks. Organic Oil contains zero grams of trans fatty acids and is naturally cholesterol-free.