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Sunflower cake

Sunflower cake

Quick Overview

o   High level of digestible Protein

o   Decent energy level

o   Good complement to soya in adult ruminant diets

o   Consistent analysis

o   Low palatability

o   Wide range of use for many classes of stock

o   Easy to use and is best suited to extensive beef, pig and sheep supplementation.

Sunflower oil cakes & DOC that are prepared under the most hygienic conditions are highly appreciated across the country for the following features:

• High nutritional value
• Rich in vitamin E

Net protein utilization of sunflower meal is higher than groundnut cake, probably due to higher methionine and cystine content. Sun­flower meal is generally not recommended be­ yond 20% in the diets may be due to high crude fiber content in the meal and also due to the presence of a polyphenolic compound called chlorogenic acid which inhibits the activity hydrolytic enzymes. To overcome this problem, supplementation of additional methionine and choline in the diet is suggested.