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Caster seed meal

Caster seed meal

Quick Overview

o   High level of digestible Protein

o   Decent energy level

o   Good complement to soya in adult ruminant diets

o   Consistent analysis

o   Low palatability

o   Wide range of use for many classes of stock

It is the residue obtained from castor cake by solvent extraction process. It improve fertility of the soil & provides NPK & other minor nutrients in a natural way. With the usage of Castor Meal in any crop one can reduce the usage of chemical fertilizer or can completely replace the same by applying higher dosage of Castor Meal..

The protein content of caster (Ricinus communis) seed meal varies from 21 to 48% depending upon the extent of decertification and oil extraction. It has an ideal amino acid profile with moderately high cystine, methionine and isoleucine. But its antinutritional substances called the ricin, ricinine and an allergen restricts its use in poultry even at low levels of inclusion. Processing of caster meal by heating at 80 c temperature in the presence of GN ammonia or an acid or alkali reduces the toxic content sub­stantially. Detoxified meal needs to be effectively corrected for lysine.