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Sesame Cake

Sesame Cake

Quick Overview

o   High level of digestible Protein

o   Decent energy level

o   Good complement to soya in adult ruminant diets

o   Consistent analysis

o   Low palatability

o   Wide range of use for many classes of stock

Sesame (sesamum indicum) cake con­tains 40% protein and 8% crude protein fiber. The protein is rich in arginine, leucine and methionine but low in lysine. Since the sesame meal is deficient in lysine its combination with Soyabean meal appears to be useful. Sesame meal has high calcium and phosphorus content but their availability is low because of higher phytate content in the hulls of the seed. The phytic acid reduces the availability of calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper etc. from the diet. Nevertheless, the meal can be included in poul­try diets up to 15% in combination with other lysine rich oil cakes.